Single Family Homes for Sale in Waterbury by the Links

Move to Waterbury by the Links in St. Augustine, FL 32092

Located in the WGV King & Bear Community 

Waterbury is a neighborhood of 127 custom home sites which frame the front nine (#2 through #8) of the King & Bear golf course. The neighborhood showcases supreme golf course living and private outdoor living opportunities facing conservation lands. The North Gate of the King & Bear neighborhood is situated in the middle of Waterbury, providing immediate, convenient access to the neighborhood. The A-rated Ward's Creek Elementary School was opened in 2009 right outside the entrance to Waterbury on land donated to St. Johns County by World Golf Village. Inside the entranceway, one of the most beautiful golf and lake vistas in the King & Bear welcomes residents and guests at the north rotary, overlooking the #4 fairway and the native Live Oak hammock.

Waterbury East, along Crown Drive, has 78 1/3 acre home sites that are typically 95' to 105' wide by at least 150' deep. The neighborhood has 34 lots adjacent the golf course which include up to 3/4 mile vistas over the golf course. Lake-to-golf orientations are a feature of 13 of the golf course lots. Many of the homes include a second story with entertainment balconies to fully enjoy views over the immense amount of surrounding open spaces. Waterbury has a consistent street tree planting of Southern Live Oaks and a trio of flowering Crape Myrtle in  street islands. The attention to landscape serves as a silver-thread of continuity, allowing for a variety of personal choices and preferences to be displayed in the residential architecture. Together the design elements create a distinct neighborhood character and avoid a cookie-cutter look.

Waterbury West, on Den Street, is the quiet complement to Waterbury East. Den Street is a 2,300' long lane, punctuated with a street island and ending in a cul-de-sac overlooking the forest preserve. Waterbury West has 49 lots of similar size and configuration as in Waterbury East; with 24 on the golf, 11 on conservation lands and 14 on the park-like landscape.