Single Family Homes in Jacksonville & St. Augustine, FL.

After having traveled the serene four-mile length of the King & Bear neighborhoods via its parkways and avenues, residents arrive at the gateway to the GroveWood neighborhood. GroveWood includes 122 home sites, each one at least 75' wide by 150' deep. A select few of the lots are adjacent to the Six Mile Creek preservation lands. The 38 Six Mile Creek lots are perched above a diverse lowland forest which extends 1,000' west to the central thread of the blackwater creek.

Other lots in the GroveWood neighborhood are arranged in a back-to-back orientation with densely landscaped zones along shared rear lot lines to afford some separation and privacy. These 84 lots are also located on a series of short, very low trafficked, cul-de-sacs which all end on open space instead of another homeowner's driveway or dining room. 

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